• February 20, 2024
World of Warcraft Classic And Shadowlands Reveal a Lot of Content at BlizzCon 2021

World of Warcraft Classic And Shadowlands Reveal a Lot of Content at BlizzCon 2021

The World of Warcraft IP is in excellent shape and Activision Blizzard plans to keep it that way for much longer.

At BlizzCon 2021, both WoW Classic and WoW Shadowlands unveiled a host of updates on the content that these games will receive coming this year, with announcements that sparked expectations from the gaming community.

For its part, WoW Shadowlands will receive the new expansion Chains of Domination in its new patch 9.1, while WoW Classic will welcome The Burning Crusade, the first major expansion that changed many things in World of Warcraft.

However, which game will be better in the future?

Answering this question can be really tricky, so we’ll take a look at the content that will be introduced to each game before drawing our conclusions.

The Burning Crusade is a direct journey into nostalgia.

The Burning Crusade was a huge boom in its day as it was the first paid expansion for World of Warcraft. This expansion introduced modifications to the experience to make it less cruel and hostile for new players, perfectly balancing the difficulty.

New locations were added: Azuremyst Isle and the Eternal Song Forest, home of the two new races coming to the game with this new expansion, the Blood Elves and the Draenei race.

Furthermore, this expansion also allowed players to fly for the first time in the history of this legendary MMORPG. This new mechanic allows players to reach their destination faster and travel faster around the map, saving them a lot of time and making the experience much more dynamic and less tedious.

As for obtaining gold, not many changes were made. Don’t worry, you can buy WoW classic gold online at goldpiles with real money to quickly improve your character, this possibility will still be active in TBC when it is launched.

At the moment, a release date for The Burning Crusade has yet to be announced. However, some leaks indicate that this expansion will come to WoW Classic during the month of May and that there will be a closed beta in April, but take this as mere rumors.

WoW Shadowlands expands its story.

The main novelty of Chains of Domination is that it will give a drastic turn to the events that had been happening in WoW Shadowlands.

New battles will be carried out by the factions and will give much more plot richness to the history of this game. We will not tell you more to avoid making a lot of spoiler but we can tell you that it will be absolutely spectacular.

On the other hand, two new dungeons will also be added. One will be very difficult, according to its developers, and the other will bring together several of the most recognized bosses in the series, although this will be playable in four different difficulty levels and will be accessible to all players.

Taking all this into account, it is very difficult to decide which game will be better next. Both experiences promise noticeable improvements in the future that no gamer should ever refuse to enjoy.

So, for our part, we recommend enjoying both games without any prejudice.