The Fundamental Facts Of Security Guards

  • In India, there are an estimated 7 million non-public safety workers employed, in contrast to only 1. Four million police officers. Even within the USA, protection guards outnumber police officers at a 2:1 ratio. 20. Certainly, one of the reasons for prime employment charges of security guards in India is the high lefts of burglary and theft. We provide excessive levels of customer service with a personal contact for people of government levels in large companies and excessive internet value for business people, CEO, government personnel, diplomats, VIPs, and celebrities. Out of those companies, about 6,000 of them employ greater than a hundred folks. 19. About 1,800 businesses currently provide security sources, including guards, in Canada, providing employment opportunities for nearly 100,000 people.
  • Two of the most important firms offering security guards within the United States are overseas-based mostly and accountable for $6.6 billion in revenues. 12. It usually prices between $12-$20 per hour to hire an unarmed safety guard within the United States. 15. There are between 10,000 to 14,000 individual contract safety corporations working within the United States. 16. The 5 largest companies in the safety guard trade are based mostly in the U.S. These corporations collectively generate annual revenues for the business of greater than $eleven billion. They had been designed to accommodate locations where a more difficult rail line might be overkill. 11. Alaska pays the best state-based annual wage for security guards in the U.S. 13. Non-public security guards outnumber police officers in many international locations around the world at this time.
  • In China, there are 5 million safety guards and 2.7 million cops. In California, safety guards earn an average of $31,560. The 119,000 security guards employed in New York earn a mean salary of $34,390. However, for a potential employer, the presence of such a card shouldn’t be taken as conclusive proof of the proper to work as an armed security guard. If an armed guard is required, the average cost is $18-$25 per hour. An estimated 20 million non-public security workers are employed globally. 18. In Canada, the security providers industry close protection chauffeur in London offers revenues of $four billion yearly. Two years later, the agency, a wing of Genoa-Knowlton, Inc., started offering investigation and intelligence choices among its services.