• February 20, 2024


Are you eager to take the How Old Am I Quiz? Then the following quizpin article curates some questions categories. Read on to know more.

Your choice of food, movies, celebrities, and other specific things reveal your age. It is more likely that young people have different liking than adults.

What is the mental age?

The scoring pattern that chronologically states your acumen based on your age and performance in the quiz. The calculated mental age is known as Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It also displays the statements like, you are a kid, teenager, or adult with some pre-defined qualities related to each category.

Food-related questions

  • What is your favorite dip for potato chips? They might give you the options of Mayo, Tomato ketchup, or Salsa. What is your favorite vegetable? The choices can be Beetroot, Carrot, Sweet corn, or Broccoli.
  • How many candies do you eat at one go? The options can be one, five, two, or three.
  • What is your beloved food? It can be either Pasta, Toast, Scrambled eggs, Burger, or Pizza.

Age-related questions

  • What is your age? The choices can be 5-12, 13-18, 18-25, 26-55, 56+.

Movie or TV shows questions

  • What is your all-time favorite movie? The options might be The Social Network, Transformers, The Muppet Movie, Cars, or Tangled.
  • Which is your preferred zone of movies? It can be either Romance, Thriller, Action, Adventure, or Comedy.
  • What do you like to watch? Tom and Jerry, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Phineas, and Ferb, or 24.

Work-assignment questions

  • What will you do if you have an important assignment to complete on the weekend? You complete it on Saturday, postpone it to Sunday evening, or finish it on Friday night.

Birthday questions

  • Which would be your most liked birthday gift? It can be either Books, Clothes, Toys, Games, Something Practical, or Jewelry.
  • What would you do with birthday money? They might give you the options of Save it, buy video games, go out for dinner with friends, or get new clothes.


  • What is your beloved hobby? The options are Painting, Gaming, reading books, Sleeping, socializing with friends, or Sleeping.

Which how old am I quiz question fascinated you the most?Each choice carries a score, and the total sum calculated is your mental age. For instance, the result might read, you got: Adult. You are clever, independent, and mature. 


The above-profiled quizpin short read on how old am I quiz throws some insights into question posted on how old am I quiz physically. Are you ready to take on a quiz and get your results?